Electrical Estimating Software

Electrical Estimating Software

Computing and estimating can be a tough task, but a tough task can always be simplified. BestBid comes bearing good news about how to make it all easier, faster, and worth it with our Electrical Estimating Software.

Why would we possibly think that it’s good news? We’ll leave you to find that out. After reading this piece, you’ll testify that you understand why you need to obtain your own electrical estimating software from BestBid.

It’s an undebatable fact that as an electrical contractor, a top-quality electrical estimating app should be handy to solve your electrical estimating needs. With our world-leading software, you are promised that you’d never want to go back to paper and pen but stick with our computing.

Our product sells at an affordable price, but one thing stands, and it’s the principal part of it all; the fact that we are the greatest at and second to none with the delivery of the leading software for electrical estimators and bids.

Our Electrical Estimating Software’s Great Features and How It Works 

The BestBid Electrical Estimating Software is the hottest thing on the market now with great features. It comes with a built-in On-Screen Takeoff without having to pay extra charges.

It’s easy to use to get electrical cost estimations, and it just makes the whole process of electrical estimating a smooth and easier ride. Apart from the fact that it allows you to copy and paste between jobs or worksheets, the software allows you to subscribe to the Netpricer pricing service and receive updates from your material.

With the app, profit margins can be applied to each separate quote, assembly, or the entire project. It’s all too awesome with so much ease that comes with the app; it makes you want to shop for your own software right away.

What’s More?

Navigation is made super easier with the master control panel; it also allows for access to the database where you can add or make changes you need instead of restricted and rigid access. Remember its flexibility and a smooth work experience all through.

You also do not have to bother about getting or saving items that you regularly use, as you can create your drop-down list and add items routinely used.

With BestBid Electrical Estimating Software, it’s much easier to review your completed estimate before presenting using the “worksheet.” Procuring the software gives you a higher chance of incorporating labor burdens, choosing a single-price labor fee, and using your actual labor rates. Isn’t it also great that a purchase of the estimating app ensures there’s an alarm that can signify when there are wrong entries to avoid you making mistakes while entering data to be estimated?

It’s the perfect software you need for a hitch-free electrical estimating process. You won’t even bother thinking about pen and paper again. It’s, however, a must-get! Come by to pick yours up!

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