Electrician Near Me Minneapolis

Electrician Near Me Minneapolis Electrician near me Minneapolis

Residential electrical contractors near me specialize in installing, maintaining and repairing home electrical systems.

To avoid falling victim to quack electricians, however, it is best to go for capable professionals in the field. 

For five years, Finch Home Solutions has provided quality and highly professional electrical services to the people resident around the Twin Cities. This article explains our services and how we can be of help to you.

Advisory roles

Our organization has over ten years’ experience under its belt. With our experience, we have garnered a wide understanding of electrical systems and appliances.

To help our customers benefit from our experience, we advise them on the various alternatives available and the best solutions for their electrical needs.

This happens both before and after we are through with your work. We advise clients on the best ways to maintain and care for their appliances to enhance their durability.

Furthermore, we teach our customers the best way to use electrical systems to get the best performance from them. If you require an electrician in Minneapolis, give us a call today.

Quick response

Electrical equipment can break down quite suddenly and apparently without warning. In cases where this happens, it is critical to get fast assistance from an electrician near me in Minneapolis.

This could help you to avoid losing business opportunities or suffering the inconveniences related to electrical faults at home.

Our phone lines are open 24/7, and we have an electrician near me always ready to give you the assistance you require when you need it.


The level of effectiveness of an electrical appliance may depend on how well it is installed.

Poor installation work can result in underperformance or electrical accidents such as electrocution or fires.

The equipments and systems we install include the following.

Electrical panels

Apart from installing these appliances, we can also help you make modifications to old ones.


Lighting is one of the most important uses of electricity. Apart from its primary role to give us visibility at night, lights can boost the aesthetic quality of your home.

Finch Home Solutions can suggest innovative and safe ways to light up your home for you. We can help you transform your home’s appearance with lights.

Safety equipment

There are several equipments which helps protect people’s lives and property from electrical accidents. We at Finch Home Solutions are passionate about your safety and would be glad to help you install these.

These equipments includes smoke detectors and Arc fault breakers. If you need an electrician in Minneapolis to enhance the safety of your family and property, give us a call today.

Contact the Leading Electrical Contractors in Minneapolis

Do you need help with electrical installation, repair, and other related services? Finch Home Solutions should be the first name on your mind. We’re a mom-and-pop electrical shop with small-town work ethic and big city visions. Our ultimate goal is to provide electrical solutions that will extend the life of your home electrical systems in a safe, affordable, timely, and hassle-free manner. Call us today at 612-357-2604, and we’ll be glad to discuss how we can help.