Solar Installation Phoenix

Solar Installation Phoenix

Keep PEP Solar in mind for your solar installation in Phoenix when you want to experience a high return on your investment. Our 4+ decades in the solar industry give us a unique advantage over other up-and-coming solar companies because can fully answer your solar questions and install a well-designed system that saves you money month after month when you’re ready. Don’t be fooled by newcomers who pretend to blend in with top-rated solar companies serving Phoenix. Check our credentials, read customer reviews, and choose PEP Solar for exceptional results.

6 Reasons To Choose Us For Solar Installation

1. PEP Solar is a reputable solar supplier and a well-respected installation company that can fully meet your needs when switching to solar. We can recommend high-efficiency equipment and get you set up and running quickly so you can start saving money the very first month your equipment is installed.

2. Many solar installation companies make promises they can’t keep; at PEP Solar, we’ve been in the business for a long time and know solar can and can’t do for our customers. We’ve established a reputation throughout the area for excellence in communicating and helping home & business owners achieve their goals when going solar. If you’re trying to find a good solar company in your community, remember our name: PEP Solar.

3. We offer many alternatives to whole-home solar set-ups:

  • Solar A/C
  • Solar heating
  • Solar pool pumps & heating
  • Solar attic fans
  • Solar lighting
  • Solar chalet set up
  • Solar storage
  • Vehicle charging with solar

4. We want all of our customers to be informed and knowledgeable about the benefits of clean, renewable solar power. To that end, we’ve created a website with various resources that will get you up to speed on how solar works and how you can expect to benefit from a solar installation in Phoenix. Visit our Solar Learning Guide as a starting point and request a free solar demonstration by calling 623-264-6888.

5. With more than 40 years of experience working around solar, we’ve come to know more about the industry than many of our compatriots. We offer solar consultations that give you an added advantage by assessing your budget evaluating the property around your home or business and looking for unique ways to save you money on your solar installation in Phoenix.

6. We don’t take lightly our reputation as the number 1 solar panel company in the state. As such, we are always learning and exploring new solar technology. Before you make an investment in solar energy, we encourage you to spend a few minutes on the phone with one of our technicians to see why we are the best choice for solar products and services.

Browse our list of solar appliances and equipment on PEP Solar to see what we have to offer you. Whether you prefer a small investment to try out solar or are ready to go all-in with a whole-home or complete commercial solar installation, you won’t find a company more committed to providing an exceptional customer experience than PEP Solar.

Solar Installation Phoenix