Most Professional Solar Panel Cleaning in Albuquerque and nearby towns

Solar panels are a significant investment you’ve made for your residence or place of business. You need to take care of that investment to make sure you get the returns you’re counting on. Professional and expert cleaning of solar panels increases their longevity as well as output efficiency. It is important that you hire trained and qualified professionals to clean your solar panels. Any carelessness or attempt to cut corners (likely when you hire low quality cleaners to save a few dollars) can end up being very expensive for you.

professional cleaning solar panels

Clean solar panels result in higher efficiency and power output

Clean solar panels lead to longer life of the panels and lower maintenance

This is where Solar Panel Cleaning of Albuquerque comes in


Albuquerque’s hard water wreaks havoc on solar panels. It can be nearly impossible to remove hard water stains and residue off the solar panels without the risk of damage and expensive repair. You need regular and professional cleaning of your solar panels to make sure they last long and they work efficiently.

We have cutting edge, modern equipment that is designed specifically to clean solar panels. Even more importantly, we are trained and experienced in cleaning solar panels. We’re not the typical window washing company. Most regular window cleaning companies use regular cleaning tools on solar panels, which is not recommended and can even be harmful for your panels. Also, most often they do not have the specialized knowledge and training to properly clean your solar panels. In their minds, solar panels are similar to regular windows, and this could not be further from the truth

professional cleaning a solar panel thoroughly

Why is Solar Panel Cleaning of Albuquerque more advanced and better for you?


We use only Deionized water to clean solar panels. Deionized water has no mineral content in it. This ensures the washing process does not cause any harm to your sensitive panels and leaves behind no residue whatsoever. Using deionized water allows us to not need to use harmful soaps or harsh chemicals on your panels and leave them looking pristine and brand new after we’ve completed our cleaning. This means maximum solar efficiency for you and minimum maintenance costs.

You may be thinking – “Well, where do you get your deionized water from and how do I know it is what you say it is?” A solid question for which we have a solid answer. We produce the deionized water ourselves at your location with specialized and proprietary technology which we bring with us and which is unique to us in the entire Albuquerque metropolitan area. In addition to this, we have other high-end equipment including a 60-foot reach. This helps us to easily and effectively clean the hardest to reach solar panels and areas. Again, many regular window washing companies will use ladders to access all areas of your solar panels and that can risk damaging them. Solar panels are not built to withstand the weight and force of an adult on a ladder leaning against it. As we’ve mentioned before, we highly recommend not to hire untrained professionals in order to save a few dollars, as their carelessness and lack of knowledge and competency may cost you a lot more than you might save. Call the experts. Today. We will be happy to give you a free, no-obligations quote for your specific solar panel cleaning needs.

dirt on solar panels affects efficiency and output

Importance of regular solar panel cleaning and maintenance


Solar panels are a modern-day marvel as well as fairly delicate. They are prone to build up of dirt and grime. These accumulations on the solar panels are quite difficult to clean because they’re installed at an angle and you definitely cannot stand over them and give them a hard scrub. Some of the most common type of dirt and debris that settle on your panels are:

  • Desert dirt and dust of New Mexico
  • Smog and ash
  • Moss and fungus
  • Saps, pollens and other debris from trees
  • Bird droppings
  • Commercial and industrial residue
  • Pollution from vehicles and heavy transport

It may not come as a surprise to you but studies show accumulated dirt and dust on solar panels reduce the efficiency and power output by 30-40%. They also result in more frequent, expensive repair jobs.

Whether you installed solar panels to help the planet or just to benefit from free solar energy – you want to keep your panels clean to get more of what you want

professional cleaning a solar panel
residential solar panel

Solar Panel Cleaning of Albuquerque can help you achieve more of your solar energy goals by keeping your panels clean and working at peak efficiency. This translates to financial benefit from more solar energy as well as lower panel maintenance and repair costs in the long run. The cost of getting your solar panels cleaned is insignificant compared to the profits and savings it results in. It is a no brainer.

clean versus dirty solar panel

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Direct monetary savings from clean solar panels:

Studies show that for the average residential solar panel installation, the difference between a clean and dirty panel can be in the multiple thousands of dollars each year. The figure is arrived at by calculating:

  • The amount of additional electricity generated from clean solar panels
  • The reduction in repair and maintenance cost as a result of regular cleaning of solar panels
solar panel installed on a roof

Why do clean solar panels generate up to 40% more electricity than dirty ones?

A solar panel array usually comprises of several solar modules wired together, and each of these solar modules are made up of solar cells that have been mounted together to form a frame. Each solar cell is made up of semi-conductors like silicon. Much like your regular AA batteries, one side of the solar cell is the positive side and the other one is negative. When sunlight hits a solar cell, it excites the electrons in the semiconductor which results in generation of electricity. If the cells aren’t clean, the excitation of electrons reduces, which in turn reduces the amount of electricity produced. Just as an example, if you covered a solar cell with black tape, it would produce zero electricity even in broad daylight. So the extent of dirt and grime on the solar panels have a very meaningful and real effect on the efficiency of the solar panels.

A professional washing a solar panel

Top reasons why it is important to clean your solar panels

To get rid of the poop

Bird poop is a major reason why solar panels need to be washed regularly. Due to the position, angle and exposure of the panels, they collect bird poop like a magnet and contrary to what many think, rain (especially New Mexico’s) is not enough to wash these stains away. According to most solar panel manufacturers, a built up of these dropping has an adverse effect on both regular performance and longevity of the panels

Prevent dust and dirt build-up

We’ve mentioned this before, but solar panels are exposed to the elements 24 x 7 constantly. Literally countless particles of dust and dirt settle on the surface of your solar cells and block a meaningful portion of sunlight falling on them. This reduces the setup’s optimal performance. If solar panels are not washed and cleaned regularly and professionally, they will not produce the output you’ve projected for yourself and you will have to take a loss on your financial returns and energy savings

Rain won't do the job

Think about it, look at the windshield of your car for example. Roughly how many times a year does it get cleaned, including your car washes, windscreen spray and when you manually clean it with a squeegee at a gas station? Can you imagine not cleaning the windshield and driving, with about 30-40% less visibility? That’s exactly how it is with your solar panels. Rain is clearly not enough for your windshield and neither is it for your solar panels. In fact, rain brings more grime with it. Rain contains dust particles that stay behind on your solar panel after the water evaporates. Moral of the story is your solar panels need to be cleaned professionally and regularly

Benefit from your warranty

Recently, most solar panel manufacturers have made regular and professional solar panel cleaning a condition for their warranty to be valid. Solar panels have now been in widespread use for several years and studies have shown there is a more frequent and significant need for repairs and maintenance when panels are not cleaned regularly. So if there is a breakdown or other issue with your solar panel and you are unable to show proof of regular cleaning, the manufacturers will not honor the warranty they may have provided or you may have purchased

The best way to prove something is to test it yourself. Call us today for an expert and professional cleaning of your solar panels. We’re not a cell phone company that’ll bill you monthly, it’s a one-time fee for a one-time service. You will notice an immediate increase in energy output starting the next day after cleaning. Studies show these improvements can be up to the tune of 40% in cases when a solar panel has never been washed before. Once you see the difference, you will yourself call us back regularly (and we will be delighted to come serve you regularly!)

We will leave you with a direct quote from the World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology – “…a drop in the efficiency of a solar PV panel is not desired. One of the contributing factors in the drop of efficiency in solar PV panels is the accumulated dust on the solar panel. In practice, dust must be removed from the surface of solar PV panels in order to ensure highest performance”

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